About us

BELTRADE Company Ltd. was founded on 20.03.1990. It's main activity was import, manufacture and sale of coffee. The company successfully engaged in this activity until year 2001. Next five years, we dealt with packaging of granular and fine granular products. Since 2006. the company began production of snack products. The main items we currently produce are:

  • KRCKO crispy fried corn
  • VIT crispy fried wheat
  • POPSY Microwave Popcorn
  • SOLE crispy fried soybean

Following European standards and norms prescribed by the business in the food industry, we have introduced the HCCP and IFS standards. In this way the products of BELTRADE Ltd. have an opened door for export to neighboring countries markets, and markets of the European Union and Russia.

In addition to our brands, we produce Metro , DELHAIZE , Dis , Emona , Jumbo brands